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What does a breathing coach do and why did you decide to be one? what do you do – what does that actually mean?2020-09-02T11:22:26+12:00

I help people restore healthy, natural, functional breathing through a programme of exercises and lifestyle changes using the Buteyko Method. Read more about what led me to become a breathing coach here.

Do you have gift certificates?2020-09-02T11:22:44+12:00

Yes, I do. contact us to purchase one.

What is the investment?2020-09-02T11:23:02+12:00

Click here for a complete list of services and costs.

What is a capnograph?2020-09-02T11:23:21+12:00

A capnograph is a tool used to identify poor breathing habits and learn healthier breathing habits through biofeedback. Read more about it here.

What do I need to bring and what can I expect during an initial appointment with you?2020-09-02T11:23:38+12:00

A fully completed health questionnaire, symptom tracker, and copies of any recent test are needed for me to completely assess your condition. Read more about the initial Breathing Assessment and Capnography session.

Are appointments one-on-one or in groups (or both)?2019-12-01T14:01:53+13:00

The sessions are usually one-on-one, however, I can see small groups of up to five people composed of family, friend, or office groups with prior arrangement.

Do the appointments have to be in-person?2019-12-04T16:47:17+13:00

For those who are able to travel to Glendene, Auckland, I recommend in-person sessions or a mix of in-person and online consultations. However, I also do online consultations for clients outside of Auckland or overseas.

What conditions is it helpful for?2020-09-02T11:24:23+12:00

Breathing is a fundamental function of the body so it helps a lot of conditions both chronic and acute. The more common conditions that present at my clinic are asthma, hayfever, allergies, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and stress.

How can I tell if I am a mouth breather?2019-12-01T14:00:06+13:00

Try to be more aware whether you breathe in or out through your mouth. Ask someone to observe you too. If you have your mouth open or lips apart even for a short while when not talking or eating/drinking, then you are breathing through your mouth.

How do I know if I need your services?2020-09-02T11:24:55+12:00

You need to have your breathing assessed if you have:

  • Chronic mouth breathing
  • Audible breathing
  • A feeling like they’re not getting enough air
  • Frequent sighing, yawning, big breaths
  • Frequent cough, colds or flu
  • Medicated breathing conditions (asthma, hayfever, etc)
  • Non-medicated breathing issues + other medical conditions
  • Chronic snoring
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Panic attacks
  • Stress and anxiety affecting daily life and productivity
  • Symptoms that are affecting your lifestyle considerably

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Do you learn it once and you know it for life, or are you expected to sign up for some sort of ongoing scheme?2019-12-01T13:57:29+13:00

The exercises are then tapered off after these 6 weeks. The frequency of follow-up after this period will depend on your improvement and the goal you have set for yourself. As a minimum, I recommend a follow up of every 3 months on your first year to help embed this new habit. After your first year, a breathing check every 6 – 12 months ensures that the good breathing habits you have developed are maintained even through life’s challenges such as illnesses, work or family stressors, etc. Catching it early on its way to regressing helps you to support your breathing earlier and prevents a recurrence.

How long does Buteyko take to learn?2019-12-01T13:56:23+13:00

Initially, it takes 6 sessions over 6 weeks after the breathing assessment to acquire the skill. Daily practice is also needed, the amount of time spent on this practice depends on your age and ability. It can take a maximum of 40 minutes a day spread throughout the day for 6 weeks.

What age is Buteyko retraining suitable for?2020-09-02T11:25:32+12:00

The Buteyko retraining programme is suitable for all ages. I adapt the methodology to the age and capability of the person. During the Breathing Assessment and Capnography session I will be able to determine the level of engagement and the approach we will take for the person.

What is buteyko? How does it work?2020-09-02T11:27:35+12:00

The Buteyko Method was developed in the 1950s by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, a Russian doctor. The main premise is that we have developed unhealthy breathing habits over the years that affect CO2 levels in the blood thus causing changes in blood chemistry and our metabolism which, over time, cause symptoms and diseases. Through a programme of breathing exercises and lifestyle changes, CO2 tolerance is increased and healthy functional breathing is restored. Restoring healthy functional breathing and tolerance to healthy blood CO2 levels helps create a healing environment that may address symptoms and restore health.


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