asthma, hay fever or allergies?


Asthma can make springtime for some a wheezy, hard to breathe nightmare. Are you one of the unlucky ones who suffer from itchy or watery eyes, shortness of breath, wheezing, blocked nose, sore throat or snoring when others are delighting in the joys of spring?

At the Breathe Clinic, through breath retraining, we can help reduce your asthma and hay fever symptoms so you can breathe easier and look forward to spring again.

Dina used to have severe asthma and understands how difficult it can make ordinary life.  She would love to teach you the dynamics of breath training so you can overcome asthma as well.

“The Buteyko course makes so much sense the whole way through. Dina explains everything so well. Within days of starting the course, I was sleeping much better, and if I woke I knew how to get straight back to sleep. Before the course, I would lie awake for hours if disturbed. I have also minimised my allergic reaction to dust, going from hours of sneezing and exhaustion after encountering dust, to a mildly uncomfortable nose with just a few sneezes. I am also learning to manage my anxiety through my breathing. I highly recommend this course to everyone.”

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The Breathe Clinic provides breathing retraining through workshops and coaching. We are passionate about seeing you overcome your conditions and symptoms; and change your life. If you have any questions you would like answered before booking a Breathing Assessment and Capnography session, then the FREE 15-minute Discovery call is for you. Book a suitable time on our online scheduler and Dina will call you to find out more about your conditions and symptoms.

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