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Good breathing is crucial to great health. Many of the diseases we face nowadays are related to our breathing. We now breathe faster and take bigger breaths than we used to. Called Chronic Hidden Hyperventilation, this over-breathing results in the development of health conditions such as asthma and hay fever, insomnia, snoring and sleep apnoea, chronic fatigue, anxiety and stress.

You and your family no longer have to suffer. You can breathe your way to better health with the help of The Breathe Clinic.

Specialising in breathing retraining, The Breathe Clinic offers Breathe Buteyko Courses and Breathe Basic Workshops. Using the Buteyko Institute Method (BIM), we can help you restore your breathing to a normal, functional level, giving you better health and the reduction of many of your physical symptoms. Begin to take control of your health by booking your Breathing Assessment or reserve your place on our upcoming Buteyko Breathing Retraining Course today.

A perfect man breathes as if he were not breathing – Lao Tsu

About Dina

Dina is a Certified Practitioner in Buteyko Institute Method and has gone through breathing retraining for her own health with great success and wants to help you do the same.

Did you know Buteyko can help with these breathing related issues?

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By retraining your breathing using the proven Buteyko Institute Method, you can regain normal, functional breathing which will allow you to get on with, and enjoy your life.

The Breathe Clinic provides breathing retraining through workshops and courses. We work with individuals, small groups and corporate clients and we are passionate about seeing you overcome your conditions and symptoms; and change your life.

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The future of good health awaits, and The Breathe Clinic would love to help you achieve that. Get in touch with us, and Dina can direct you on the best course of action for you.

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