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“The Breathe Buteyko Clinic began a revolution in my thinking about general health and specific problems and symptoms. It goes to the root of symptoms like nasal congestion and habitual coughing – things that have bothered me for quite some time – and made me realise that there is a way to tackle a number of things without resorting to medication or just resigning oneself to them as though they are inevitable “for me”.

Dina is an excellent instructor, with a discreet, calm and reassuring manner. She is very perceptive about individual needs and was able to recommend additional material to help me achieve my main goals. I am very confident in recommending her to others and will be continuing to consult her myself along the path of better breathing.”


“The Buteyko course makes so much sense the whole way through. Dina explains everything so well. Within days of starting the course, I was sleeping much better, and if I woke I knew how to get straight back to sleep. Before the course I would lie awake for hours if disturbed. I have also minimised my allergic reaction to dust, going from hours of sneezing and exhaustion after encountering dust, to a mildly uncomfortable nose with just a few sneezes. I am also learning to manage my anxiety through my breathing. I highly recommend this course to everyone.”


“Sleeping better (used to have insomnia or restless sleep); my heart rate much slower (all my life before Buteyko it was always 90+/min;, and best of all, I no longer have to use nasal sprays or take antihistamines (used to take them daily) to manage my rhinitis.”


From a nursing background I’ve always known that breathing well has a great impact on our wellbeing but I didn’t ‘know’ how to breathe well. I’ve become much more in tune with my body since completing the breathing course. Sleeping much better by managing effects of anxiety through breathing and increasing fitness by using breathing techniques before, during and after running. Really has been positive for me in so many ways. Thank you Dina.”


“I found it challenging to keep up with the exercises but it helped me get over my symptoms and not mouth breath all day and it’s helping keep my teeth straight.”

Samson (12 years old)29/9/16

“Dina is a caring and compassionate breathing coach. Our family will continue to use her service and happy to recommend.”


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